Kali Puja Celebration in Kolkata 2017- Kali Puja Dates for 2018

Kali Puja is puja of Goddess Kali or Shyama. This is especially celebrated in Bengal. Goddess Kali has given her name to the city Kolkata so goddess lives in heart of Bengalis. After Durga Puja, Kali Puja is second most celebrated festivals of city of joy i.e. Kolkata. People of Kolkata enjoy this festival enthusiastically.… Read More »

Haunted Places in Kolkata- People Dare to Go

Kolkata the city of Joy is rich with it’s brighten history and with its beautiful age old monuments which are the center of attraction for tourists. We couldn’t deny its value and importance in the history of India but we have to admit that the city is also a center of black magic and spirits.… Read More »