Digha Beach, the Beauty of Bengal- Places to see in Digha Beach



Digha beach is one of the beautiful resort or beach of West Bengal located at south west of Kolkata. This beach is 187 km far away from Kolkata so one of the holidays spending place for the citizens of city of joy i.e. Kolkata. So next time whenever you are getting off from your work, just pack your bag to grab the natural beauty of Digha Beach. It is one of the most visiting places of Kolkata. The beach has a low gradient with a shallow sand beach with gentle waves. It extends up to 7 km in length. It is connected to Kolkata/Howrah by a highway and a rail link via Tamluk. There is a short description about Digha beach in Warren Hastings’ letters in 1780 as Brighton of the East. The place where Digha resides today, formerly there was a place called Beerkul over there. If you are going to Digha to make your holiday refreshing and entertaining and confused where to go etc. then don’t worry. In this blog we have mentioned some important places to visit in Digha.


  • Udaipur Beach: One of the wondering and watchable places in Digha is Udaipur Beach. By car this beach is just 10 minutes far away from new digha. This is a long, beautiful and calm beach. Also this is good for swimming as because the beach is sandy. One can see the beautiful scenery of sunrise and sunset from here. One extra advantage of the beach is it is less crowded. So it is best for peace loving people.
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  • Talseri Beach: This beach takes 20 minutes by car from new Digha to reach. Those who go to Digha beach must go atleast once in Talseri beach. The main attractions of this place are red crabs. You need to cross a shallow creek by the country boat in order to reach this beach. So those who loves boating can enjoy here. The Subarnarekha River meets Bay of Bengal here. The drawback of this beach is it remains dirty most of the time other than the time of high tide.


  • Chandaneswar Temple: The temple of lord Shiva, Chandaneswar is one of the important places of Digha to roam about. This temple is 8 km far away from Digha and takes half n hour to reach there. It is situated on the border of Bengal and Orissa. The temple area is very spiritual and nearby local market to the temple is one of the centres of attraction for its visitors. Though the temple area is very clean but its surrounding area is very much dirty. So many people avoid to go there.


  • Amarabati Park: Amarabati is very beautiful park and takes only 10 minutes to reach from Digha railway station and Digha bus depot. If you likes boating or riding then this is a best place for you. The park is very beautiful and calm.


  • Marine Aquarium: Marine Aquarium is situated between Old Digha and New Digha. There is collection of sea animals like Crab, Eel, fish etc. The inside area of the aquarium is very hot and needs air conditioning.
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  • Khanika Market: This market is a hub of variety of things made up of shell, conch shell etc. This market is located in the main township of New Digha. If you love to buy beach gears and shell made objects then it is the best place for you.


Other than above mentioned places there are some other good visiting places also in Digha. So keep three-four days time in your hand to wonder all these places.

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